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Give your guests the best in technology offerings that help you to deliver a superior in-room experience.

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GuestTek’s OneView Platform keeps your guests connected with fast, reliable High Speed Internet, and cutting edge media and entertainment options.

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Peace of mind from a true global leader

Aligned with today’s traveler our multi-lingual technical support team is readily available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist your guests and staff.

With operations reaching more than 86 countries, and support for over 20 languages our expert technicians can assist you and your guests from anywhere in the world.

Maximize your Investment

Because GuestTek can offer a true integrated Triple Play solution encompassing High Speed Internet, Media and Voice solutions.

By bundling together your technology needs with our integrated platform we can maximize cost savings and ensure you have a real partner and not just another vendor.

Keep Pace with Change

Today’s travelers are carrying ever more devices and demanding more and more bandwidth and entertainment options. GuestTek has over 18 years’ experience in the hospitality technology industry and understands the challenges these demands create for hoteliers.

We offer the latest in technology options including our myAway application that enables guests to access entertainment options through their own personal devices and stream content to the guest-room tv.

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It all adds up to an enhanced hotel brand, greater revenue opportunities and the confidence you’re delivering a world class guest experience.